Would you like to sell your company? Kreston Lentink De Jonge Corporate Finance will help you to get your company into top financial, legal, fiscal and administrative shape so you can achieve the best result.

The sale of a company is a complex process. A company being put up for sale should preferably be in good financial health. In addition to a thorough valuation as a starting point, matters such as market developments, market position, timing and a fruitful negotiation with potential buyers play an important role.

Are you planning to sell or transfer your business? Thorough preparation is half the battle. Ideally, you should start preparing your business for sale a good five years before the planned date of sale. This simplifies the sales process and often results in a higher sale price.

Improving your business results

Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance helps you to optimise your company’s operating result by means such as eliminating unnecessary costs and analysing profit margins. We’ll also look at your legal and fiscal business structure together. For example, accommodating your property in a separate company or holding structure with one or more operating companies can immediately provide significant tax benefits.

Striving for success together

The sale of your company starts with Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance. We’re only too happy to provide guidance and advice, step by step from start to finish. We aim to help you realise minimum transfer tax and maximum capital after the sale.

What may be one of the most important decisions of your life is a normal day’s work for our corporate finance consultants. Isn’t that reassuring?

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