If you’d like to sell your company, merge or do business internationally, then due diligence – or an audit – is essential. It’ll save you a lot of time, money and unnecessary discussion, and prevent exposure to risks. What a great idea.

Doing business involves risks. A conscious risk is a choice, while an unconscious risk is primarily a hazard. If you want to ensure that all of the relevant business aspects for a company or international business partner are in order, or if you want to identify risks that aren’t immediately visible, then Kreston Lentink De Jonge Corporate Finance can help. We’ll help you to identify all of the financial, fiscal and legal obstacles, and determine how to deal with them.

An independent risk analysis by Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance not only covers the annual accounts, tax aspects and the administrative organisation, but sheds light on potential risks regarding market developments, staffing, pension schemes, permits, contracts and so on. We also itemise the areas for improvement. That means you’ll know exactly where your opportunities (including for growth) and challenges are, should you decide to buy or sell the company or enter into an agreement with the relevant business partner.

A valuable starting point…

A comprehensive audit provides a clear and factual impression of the party you intend to work with or take over, significantly increasing the chance of a successful company takeover or partnership. A great additional benefit is that you can use potential risks during the negotiation process. For example, you can negotiate a lower price or minimise the risks by means of extra conditions, guarantees and/or indemnities in the purchase or other agreement.

…for a thoroughly considered decision

Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance regularly performs due diligence for both buyers (duty to investigate) and sellers (duty to inform). If you want to know which aspects you should take into account to get the best picture, and how to make a smart decision, our chartered accountants will be happy to assist you in carrying out a pragmatic due diligence investigation suited to your specific needs.

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