What is my company actually worth? And how can I rapidly optimise the economic value of my business in order to maximise profits? For us, these are familiar, legitimate questions, and we look forward to providing you with clear answers.

Would you like to expand, or sell your business? Perhaps you’d like to pass on your family business or buy out your former partner or business partner. A professional valuation of your company is essential if you want to be sure of making a sound decision.

There are many possible scenarios for which a valuation is a sensible idea – or even compulsory – such as:

  • Acquisitions and/or mergers
  • The sale of a company
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Legal restructuring
  • Fiscal issues
  • A management buy-out
  • A management buy-in
  • New (or refinancing of existing) loan(s)
  • WOZ (Valuation of Immovable Property) calculation
  • Pension calculation
  • Division of joint property
  • Death
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business disputes

Future-proof enterprise

When we undertake a business valuation, we analyse the expected financial results (cash flow) and the risk profile (cost of capital), among other things. The value of your company is determined partly on the basis of this information, by one of our Registered Valuators. You’ll know exactly where you stand and where you may still need to take action.

Certified Registered Valuators

Our Registered Valuators are affiliated with the Netherlands Institute for Registered (NiRV) and specialise in company valuations. A Registered Valuator can also function as an independent advisor and/or representative, for example in strategic sales negotiations and value disputes.

Would you like to know what your company’s value drivers are, and where there are still important opportunities and challenges? Perhaps you’d like to know how to focus more precisely on value creation in the short and/or long term, for both you and your stakeholders. Let us know. The experienced professionals at Kreston Lentink De Jonge Corporate Finance will be happy to assist you.

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