You know better than anyone how to run your business. And when it comes to making far-reaching financial and/or fiscal decisions, you can turn to us – your personal corporate finance consultants. We’ll help you achieve maximum returns, minimum tax and/or better business continuity.

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What’s your business worth? That’s one of the critical questions when it comes to buying, selling and business succession. An independent company valuation can provide insightful, valuable information for numerous other strategic decisions too. With this information to hand, you may make other, smarter choices.

Guidance in the selling process
Our corporate finance consultants are specialised in company valuations. They provide guidance, advice and support in the purchase and sale of a company and shares in a company. They can also get the best result for you out of any negotiations. After all, you’ve worked hard for this.

Future-proof decisions
We are also more than happy to consult with you about important business decisions, a more efficient structure for your organisational/business processes, and matters such as buying out an ex-partner, a management buy-out, business transfers and complex valuation situations, damage issues and disputes.

You’ll be assured of making the right business decision on the financial, fiscal and legal fronts. And that’s a great feeling. Not only for now, but in the future too.


Would you like to sell your company? We will help you to get your company into top financial, legal, fiscal and administrative shape so you can achieve the best result.

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Due diligence

If you’d like to sell your company, merge or do business internationally, then due diligence – or an audit – is essential.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Would you like to expand, perhaps internationally? Or are you seeking to take over a company?

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Company valuation

What is my company actually worth? And how can I rapidly optimise the economic value of my business?

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Tax advice

Business transfers have an emotional, personal, legal, financial and fiscal impact.

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Our corporate finance consultants have an instinct for finance in every form.

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