Exiting a general partnership (VOF) and transitioning to a private limited company (BV)

Joost van Scherpenzeel,

If you’re looking for an expert party that covers all disciplines and has your best interests at heart in the broadest sense, then you need to go to Lentink De Jonge. As you can already hear, I’m extremely enthusiastic about our collaboration. I always say: ‘If you want to make your business grow or improve in a responsible way, then you’re best off with them.’

And the same applies specifically for the corporate finance division – Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance – I have nothing but praise for them too. In the organisation’s transition to a single owner (management buy-out and transition from VOF to BV – ed.), they took care of the business valuation and process strategy, among other things. With an objective vision, they succeed in achieving a good final result for all concerned. I think that’s really impressive. Their advisors are also exceptionally committed and their efficiency is a distinguishing hallmark of their work. Hats off to them.

Wij leren u graag kennen tijdens een vrijblijvend kennismakings-gesprek. Samen bekijken we wat we voor u kunnen betekenen.

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