Purchase of business

Ing. Wim de Graaf,

I involved Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance at an early stage in the search for a candidate for acquisition. After a number of conversations with a potential seller, due diligence was carried out prior to negotiations. Based on this, a number of acquisition conditions were established, particularly with respect to work in progress and working capital. Thanks to the pragmatic, thorough approach taken by Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance, we were able to draw up and sign the acquisition contract very quickly.

The most striking thing about the approach taken by the corporate finance consultants from Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance, is their extensive professional knowledge, their pleasant approach to collaboration, and the speed with which they were able to get to the heart of the matter. Negotiations with the selling party were conducted in a friendly atmosphere, with the necessary points nevertheless being made. Yes, as soon as the old accountant has finalised matters, I will transfer all activities to the parent company Lentink de Jonge Accountants & Consultants, and I’ll be sure to engage Krijn for the corporate finance component wherever necessary. That says it all, doesn’t it?

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