Kreston Lentink De Jonge Corporate Finance builds on years of experience. That, along with a hefty dose of expertise, flexibility and persistence, means we can help you with every corporate financing issue, no matter how complex.

Mr. drs. Krijn de Graaf RB RV

"We are committed to supporting you in making the right strategic, fiscal, legal and/or financial decision."

About Krijn

Krijn de Graaf is a Registered Tax Advisor (RB) and a Registered Valuator (RV) specialised in real estate, taxation and business valuations. In his role as Registered Valuator (RV), he substantiates, assesses and registers the value of a company in the context of a business transfer.

Krijn studied Dutch Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tax Lax at the University of Amsterdam, and also obtained his Master of Business Valuation at TIAS Business School in Tilburg.


Affiliated with Kreston

Krijn is affiliated with Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Advisors as a partner and tax consultant. The corporate finance branch is affiliated with Kreston, a global network of independent accountancy firms.

Thanks to this extensive network of accountancy firms in virtually all economically significant countries in the world, along with the knowledge and expertise arising from the partnership, Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance can also provide business with excellent support and advice on any international growth ambitions and/or international business.


Affiliated with NiRV

Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance is affiliated with the NiRV and is frequently involved in complex financial advisory tasks and valuation issues. For example, this might have to do with the valuation of shares in the context of a business transfer from parents to children, or the valuation of shares as a foundation for negotiations about the sale of a company.

We also provide advice in the area of risk management, for the optimisation of internal processes and applications for grants/financing, and we’re happy to assist you with all kinds of other important strategic, financial and/or investment decisions. And when it comes to negotiations in connection with a sale, we’re at your service.