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As an entrepreneur, you’re always up against new challenges. It’s one of the great aspects of entrepreneurship. Stay on the ball. Create opportunities.

Are you facing an important strategic choice? We’re there for you! With Kreston Lentink De Jonge Corporate Finance, you can count on the very best advice. Always.

the help we can offer you.

Kreston Lentink De Jonge Corporate Finance provides advice and support in everything from company takeovers to mergers, due diligence, company valuation and the right financing.


Would you like to sell your company? We will help you to get your company into top financial, legal, fiscal and administrative shape so you can achieve the best result.

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Due diligence

If you’d like to sell your company, merge or do business internationally, then due diligence – or an audit – is essential.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Would you like to expand, perhaps internationally? Or are you seeking to take over a company?

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Company valuation

What is my company actually worth? And how can I rapidly optimise the economic value of my business?

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Tax advice

Business transfers have an emotional, personal, legal, financial and fiscal impact.

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Our corporate finance consultants have an instinct for finance in every form.

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"The most striking thing is their extensive professional knowledge and their pleasant approach to collaboration."

Ing. Wim de Graaf - LacArto

"Everything you need as a growing entrepreneur. They know it."

Hans Mulder - HAMU Automaterialen

"With an objective vision, they succeed in achieving a good final result for all concerned."

Joost van Scherpenzeel - Merkenbaar
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How do you get the most out of your business? Is your company financially healthy, and will it stay that way? And what are your options in the event of significant changes, such as divorce, bankruptcy or takeover?

Kreston LDJ Corporate Finance helps you to make the right choices, no matter what financial, fiscal, emotional or business decision you’re facing.